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United Hoist is home to the most comprehensive hoisting fleet in America, including hoists, chutes, lifts...

Steel trash chutes are generally used on new construction projects and are bolted to the floor slab of a building...

The real estate and construction markets are in a slide for more than a year now, but Gulf Coast companies continue to post...

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Chutes Booklet.pdf

Single Hoist Orientation.pdf

Hoist Orientation Drawings:
Recessed Single Pit Drawing.pdf
Recessed Twin Pit Drawing.pdf
Single Orientation.pdf
Single Pad & Power.pdf
Single Pit Drawing.pdf
Steel Base Orientation.pdf
Twin Pad & Power.pdf
Twin Pit Drawing.pdf

Hoist Specs:
Alimak Single Specs.pdf
Alimak Twin Specs.pdf
Baoda-7000 lb car.pdf
Pega Specs.pdf
Single Pecco.pdf
Stros Specs.pdf
Twin Pecco.pdf