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UNITED HOIST FAQs - Personnel Lifts & Buck Hoist Rentals - Debris Trash Chute Rentals - Nationwide Construction Projects


What type of Hoists does United Hoist provide, and what are the sizes and capacities?

United Hoist provides wide selection of Hoists including:

Material Only Hoists

Twin Car Personnel / Material Hoists
Tornborg Magni, Alimak Scando, Pega SN, Stros 2732
5’ x 12’ x 8’6’’
6,000 lbs

Single Car Personnel / Material Hoists
Tornborg Magni Alimak Scando Pecco PH5000 &Pega SN
5’ x 12’ x 8’6’’ 5’ x 10’ x 8’6’’ 4’ x 10’ x 8’6’’
6,000 lbs 5,000 lbs 4,400 lbs

How quick can I get a hoist?
We have signed contracts on Thursday and shipped the hoist the next Tuesday, but there are no guarantees. To provide adequate time for site preparation, procuring insurance documents, ect.., United Hoist and GC should start Contractual Execution at least 6 weeks before the hoist is to be erected.

Does United Hoist provide High-Speed Hoists?
Yes, United Hoist does provide high speed hoists.

Does United Hoist provide platforms?
Yes, United Hoist does provide platform rental, installation, and dismantling. In our stock, we have platforms ranging from 1’ to 12’. We also custom fabricate platforms if we do not have the proper length platforms in stock.

What other type of optional equipment does United Hoist provide?
Click here to view all of our optional equipment.

Where can and can’t I put a hoist?
Hoists can be put on already existing buildings as well as being used on new construction jobs. Hoists can even be put on top of parking decks, on top of a mezzanine level deck or roof, inside large elevator shafts.

Site Preparation

What is the General Contractor responsible for before the hoist is erected?

New Construction
General Contractors are responsible for having the concrete pad poured, or if using a steel base pad GC is responsible for having soil tamped to 95% compaction. GC is responsible for having proper power of 277 / 480 Volt / 3P / 100 Amp. GC is responsible for providing crane designated for the sole use of United Hoist technicians erecting, jumping, or dismantling the hoist.

GC is responsible for removing the outer wall for hoist entrance, exposing structural elements in which to mount the tie-ins, providing telescoping man lift for the purpose of attaching facial ties, & Pad, Power, and Crane just as stated in New Construction.

Base Fence Enclosures

The base fence surrounding the hoist must meet the following OSHA requirements:

  • Base fence must allow 2’6’’ clearance to all moving hoist parts
  • Base fence must be 10’ tall from highest standing point
  • Base fence must be constructed of materials (such as plywood or expanded metal) which do not allow any person to enter inside the fence. This includes any areas underneath loading platforms.
  • Base fence gate must either open 90 degrees or be removable.
  • Base fence gate must have closing and locking capability.
  • Overhead protection must be provided from the base fence gate to the hoist entrance that is at least 2 inches thick (two sheets of 1 inch plywood will be sufficient).
  • Service gate must be provided to access the disconnect and pit.

Erection, Jumps, Dismantle, & Service

How do I schedule my Hoist erection, jumps, and dismantling, and what do I do if the Hoist stops working? How do I learn about erecting a personnel material hoist?

To schedule Hoist erection, jump, or dismantling, call our service department at 813-393-8527, & our dispatcher will schedule according to your need. If you have a problem with your hoist, 99% of the time we will have a technician at your jobsite the next day to fix the hoist. They will take care of you very well.

Can United Hoist mount a hoist to Post Tension Slabs?

Yes, United Hoist can mount to a post tension slab. This is a common occurrence and our technicians are highly experienced at this type of application.

Operator Training

Trained United Hoist technicians provide Operator Orientation directly following Erection of Hoist. You will need to have your operator plus one or two backups ready to be trained. This training is provided at no cost.


Our standard lift erection is 40’ landing height and/or 60’ tower height. You must have 15’ of clearance below your top table. Crane pick time should be scheduled for United Hoist. Call us for more about erecting a personnel material hoist.


Our standard Jump is 30’. You will be charged for two jumps if you have to go higher than 30’. The reason that you will be charged for two jumps is that we will have to use two tie-ins and make two picks if we go over 30’. Crane pick time should be scheduled for United Hoist.


Full dismantling should take no longer than one day. Crane pick time should be scheduled for United Hoist. If for some reason a crane is not able to get to the hoist, United Hoist can gin-pole dismantle the hoist. There is a fee for gin-pole dismantling based on linear feet of tower.

Quarterly Service / Maintenance / Inspection

United Hoist bills quarterly service, maintenance, and inspections all in one monthly charge.

The items included in this service are:

  • Quarterly Service to hoist to keep operational
  • Any Maintenance not due to the fault of GC
  • Initial Drop Test Drop Test after every Jump Drop Test every 90
  • days after Full Erection Routine Inspections

The items that are not included in this service are:

  • Any Service or maintenance due to the fault of GC.
  • Any 3rd Party Inspections or Drop Tests.