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UNITED HOIST: Construction Elevator & Lift Rentals

United Hoist is home to the most comprehensive hoisting fleet in America, including hoists manufactured by Alimak, Pecco, Pega, Stros and Tornborg.

Our Construction Elevators are equipped with the latest technology in variable frequency drives (VFD). Rather than push button operation, the elevator operator uses a joystick and is able to control the speed of the elevator. This configuration provides a smoother ride and more importantly reduces mechanical breakdown to the working parts of the hoist by over 75%.

All Construction Elevators are protected by over-speed safety governors, which are recalibrated to meet ANSI specifications.

Turnkey Solutions for your construction project:

  • Construction Elevator & Lift Construction Rental
  • Material Hoist Rentals - Material Lifts
  • Personnel Elevator Rentals - Personnal Lifts
  • Construction Debris Chutes Rental
  • Platforms & Back Structures
  • Industrial Applications
  • Maritime projects
  • Renovations
  • Vertical Surface Hoist Setup
  • Horizontal Floor Slab Hoist Setup