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United Hoist is home to the most comprehensive hoisting fleet in America, including hoists manufactured by Alimak, Pecco, Pega, Stros and Tornborg. Serving: industrial applications, severe set-backs, platform & back structures & free standing hoists.

Our buck hoists are equipped with the latest technology in variable frequency drives (VFD). Rather than push button operation, the hoist operator uses a joystick and is able to control the speed of the hoist. This provides a smoother ride and more importantly reduces mechanical breakdown to the working parts of the hoist by over 75%.

All buck hoists, lifts & elevators are protected by over-speed safety governors, which are recalibrated to meet ANSI specifications.

Turnkey Solutions for your construction project:

  • Buck Hoist Construction Rental
  • Personnel Hoist Rentals
  • Material and Man-Lift Hoist Rentals
  • Construction Man-Lift Equipment
  • Hoist Tower Structures
  • Industrial Hoist Applications
  • Maritime Hoisting Projects
  • Renovation Hoisting Systems
  • Vertical Surface Hoist Setup
  • Horizontal Floor Slab Hoist Setup

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